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Yayy...My story...Dance Faster Carmelita...has been chosen as one of eighteen finalists in the Shallow Waters Anthology..published by Crystal Lake!! Patreon members can click the link below to read my story...and seventeen more entries by some amazing writers...then vote for their favorite! If you aren't a member of Patreon..there is a $5 fee to join ( and vote ) a laundry list of awesome perks!

It occurred to me that the most prolific horror writers really know how to make an exit...leaving mysterious legacies more intriguing than stories in print. Case in point...on October 7, 1849...Poe finished dinner with Dr. John Carter at Saddler's Restaurant...grabbing his Malacca cane..with sword concealed at the tip..on his way out the door...leaving behind a copy of Moore's Irish Rhapsodies. His body was discovered around 3 AM that same night and it was determined that his beloved cat..Catterina..had expired simultaneously. A group of unnamed city officials later crashed the wake...quite anxious to retrieve a lock of his hair. - chief concern is that they will find me doing endless loops on the Ferris Wheel at Big Frank's Funland...face smeared with chocolate cake...… more

3 AM...the heart stutters as a sharp biting wind whistles through the tiny gleaming fibers of the web. Webmaster...Ralph Hawke Manis...leans over his desk at ravens in an open cage. The keyboard ignites...issuing a gilded invitation for tales of terror to glide in from the nothing...casting shadows in the bright light of the fire...and take up residence in the empty rooms. Dangerous characters...caught between the drone of mortal hours and the mystic...shuffle in the tempest...waiting to be struck by lightning as the gates of open! Flawless appointment necessary. ~ Buckle up kids!



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